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Baffle bulk liner has a good effect on preventing deformation that solved the problem of the bag flinching outwards after package.

A well-shaped bulk-packaging bag takes up less space in a container after loading and reduces logistic cost. It is used mainly in milk powder, coffee powder and cocoa industries. The capacity of this bag is 1 ton.

Choice of materials:
High Barrier Multi Layer – EVOH, Nylon
Aluminum Foil/ Plastic Laminated
MPET/ Plastic Laminated
MPET/ Plastic Laminated + PE Liner

Paper Aluminum Plastic Composite bag
Paper aluminum plastic composite is a laminated bag with Kraft paper on the surface laminated to aluminum foil to form a bag.
It comes in 15kg, 50kg and 100kg. It also comes in aluminum bag form.

Choice of materials:
Aluminum Foil/ Plastic Laminated
MPET/ Plastic Laminated
MPET/ Plastic Laminated + PE Liner
Kraft/ Aluminum Foil Laminated

Food ingredients/flavors, Tea/Coffee/Cocoa powder, Dried foods, Polymer, Resins, chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Pigment, Animal Feeds.

Aluminum Foil Composite Film

  • Layer 1 – An outer layer of polyethylene, which gives material mechanical strength at a wide range of temperatures.
  • Layer 2 – Aluminum Foil is the barrier against water vapor transmission and aggressive greases.
  • Layer 3 – An inner layer of low density polyethylene making the laminate capable of being heat sealed.
  • Performs by maintaining humidity level below 40RH inside the package.
  • 80 times better performance than polyethylene at keeping moisture out.
  • Sealing films with diversified composite, structures and sizes.
  • Gives excellent protection against; oxygen transmission, physical damage, biological damage, odor transfer, ultra violet radiation, chemical breakdown, oil and greases, acid and alkalis.
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