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Film/Pouch for Fresh Veggies/Fruits

One of the most insurmountable challenges that present itself to producers & distributors of fresh produce is the speed at their which their products deteriorate after harvesting.

  • Prolongs the shelf-life of veggies/fruits
  • Enhance the quality and appearance of your fresh produce, resulting in commercial viability of your products.
  • Reduce food waste
    • 2 Types available:
    • Porous nano PE film/pouch: TMaintains the freshness of vegetables/fruits by allowing gasping via porous properties. "Porous "can be seen as playing a role in creating a nano gap between film and allowing air or moisture to enter thru this gap.
    • Fresh PP film/pouch: Maintain freshness by preventing growth/spread of germs on vegetables/fruits.

    • Type of film/pouch Porous Nano PE Fresh PP
      Appearance Transparent light green Transparent; colorless
      Shrinkable X
      Remarks 3-side sealed bag 2-side sealed bag


      Selection of film/pouch subject to customer testing due to the different respiration rate or germ development time of different veggies/fruits

    • Porous Nano PE pouch
    • Fresh PP pouch
      After 10 days in refrigerator with Fresh PP pouch Test result of Fresh PP film/pouch is better than customer current pouch
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